A "Lowerarchy" pyramid?
Our needs are more than a set of linear dependencies.

The premise behind Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs is simple:

Every single thing we do, say or think is based on some need we have. We have so many needs, and those needs drive ALL of our choices.

And because we do, say, choose, hundreds if not thousands of things each day of our lives (both consciously and unconsciously), the sheer number of these needs comprises quite a long list. This list is as unique to each person on the planet as is our fingerprints (yes, a cliche). Here are some examples:

We need to go to work >>>we need to get out of bed >>> we need to get dressed >>> we need to use the toilet >>> we need to shower >>> we need to brush our teeth … (ad nauseum).

The point of the above is that EACH choice or action we undertake is in response to a specific NEED we have. Yes the above are trivialized, but as we will see, these simple needs build upon each other in order to shape the “larger” or “more profound” needs we have … and those larger needs can become life changing:

Ed needs to ask Charles out on a date despite his parents’ objections

I need to take the car for a tuneup … SOON!

Mary need to reconcile with her Mom after 5 years of being angry at her for something that happened 25 years ago.

I need to drink more water than I have been since I’m suffering with digestive challenges.

We need to read and understand Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs so we can better understand why we haven’t done the above ;^)

Past studies on human needs have only scratched the surface1. Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs is an attempt to go much deeper.

And with that, it is my wish that each of you gains the opportunity to improve his/her life. I hope you gain some knowledge and personal insight from my words.

Dana J Goulston, 2017

1 What Maslow Missed

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