About Dana

Dana J GoulstonHi friends, I’m Dana J Goulston. Thank you for clicking and having a little curiosity about the author of this subject.

Brief Bio:

My history in the writing biz … and in many other biz’ is wide and deep. My vocational career tramples through the scientific worlds of chemistry and engineering, coupled with sprinklings of academia and music. I spent the predominance of my latter years in Information Technology (Project Management) and gaming. Finally there’s the writing and most recently, publishing. Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs emerges!

What I like:

My avocational endeavors include oenology (all things wine), music (I play a few jazz instruments), and my favorite: motorcycle restoration. In addition, I love dancing and listening to Argentine Tango, and playing on-line gaming (World of Warcraft is my reliever).

My writings:

I’ve written hundreds of white papers and scientific procedures. I’ve authored over a thousand IT pieces in the field of Project Management, and have published four books. I decided to fire up Azure Reading Books while I was getting ready to self-publish my 3rd book (Special Children, the Children with Special Needs Guidebook). So two of my books are on IT-Project Management, two are for parents and teachers of special needs children, and this work lands in the psychology genre. By the way, I published a few research papers on the space shuttle fuels … so I can say, “I’ve Done Rocket Science, and this Ain’t it!”

Some teaching:

I’ve also taught graduate-school level Project Management courses. I actually had PhD’s in my classes … and yet I never ended up finishing my BS … I call that “no teacher left behind” 🙂

By now you’re probably asking how I can write about mainstream psychology. And where did I get my education? Furthermore I have no formal academic credentials … in any field. So what gives me any authority? The answer is quite simple. I have ideas, and I write about them. My ideas are novel (in my humble opinion), and don’t always conform to what is being taught in traditional psychology courses. And now with the blog format, I have a ready platform for my ideas.

The Lowerarchy:

Consequently, as you read about my “Lowerarchy of Needs”, you’ll begin to notice that my perspective comes from a very basic notion — everything and each thing we say and do is driven by some need we have. I start there and build. I noticed that each of us is driven by countless DIFFERENT needs. And yet, we all share most of them at some time in our lives (in general). They can therefore be put into categories and described. After watching, documenting, and correlating behaviors for almost 20 years, patterns emerged. Those patterns are very consistent. I dug around and didn’t find anyone else looking at human behavior the same way. In fact so many of our “higher” educational psychology courses still teach the antiquated (and flawed) concept put down by Abraham Maslow in 1954. I realized I wanted to bring a different awareness to light.

Please follow along, take what you like into your world,

and become the better human being you want to be.

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